About Jess

Jessica FedermanHello!

Integrated marketing specialist. Brand evangelist. Customer experience champion. Mom. I identify with these and lots of other roles I love.  But I don’t fall neatly into a category, and neither do my thoughts; hence, MindShuffle.  I hope you enjoy reading my observations, rants and deep thoughts.

A born marketer, I love the challenge of creating a fun and rewarding customer experience to boost sales. It’s become my life’s work, from a professional standpoint.  I have outstanding people skills and I’m super-resourceful; I’m a militant grammarian, so my “t’s” are always crossed, my “i’s” are always dotted, and I seek out opportunities to use semi-colons.  I enjoy baking– especially cookies.

Thanks for visiting me here at MindShuffle!  You can also visit me:
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