Salad Dressing’s Basic Marketing Reminders

Salad Dressing Marketing RemindersAs much as I love food, it’s not often a condiment provides me with such profound inspiration.  Or at least some good marketing reminders.

1. Be delicious. Give customers what they like, or they won’t come back.

2. Be addictive. This is sort of a take-off on #1, but if you are so delicious they MUST have more, that’s a good thing! Make the experience so good, they won’t go anywhere else.  This speaks not only to your product quality, but also your customer service.  Thanking customers for input and compliments, and making good when there’s been an issue.

3. Be creative. Think outside the box to keep things interesting, to keep your customers intrigued. One of my favorite new salad dressings is Buffalo Ranch from Wish-Bone.  I love that they came up with a whole new line of really unique flavors.  (I’m also looking forward to trying their Avocado Ranch.)  Scanning the grocery store shelves, no one else has offerings quite as interesting as these.  And you know what?  It’s going to keep me buying the fun ones and looking for new flavors to try from this company.  Because I know I can count on them to give me something deliciously different.

4. Be open.  Keep letting the good stuff out. But to do this, you have to listen to your customers so you can continue with steps 1-3, and ensure success for you and customer satisfaction.

*Sadly, I was not able to photograph my bottle of Buffalo Ranch because I ate it all.  Off to the store to buy some more!