2014 Olympic Norwegian Curling Team uniforms

The Proliferation of (Useless) Information?

2014 Olympic Norwegian Curling Team uniforms

As a student of social media, I’m always on the look-out for fun, new and/or exciting information.  While these venues are a digital life-force for many of us, it’s always interesting to analyze the trends to see where our digital society might be going next.  And what makes us tick.  In this case, it’s crazy curling pants made me tick.

Recently, my friend shared an article about the Olympics on Facebook.  It’s not about the aerial skiers or outstanding figure skaters, often the media darlings of the Games.  In this case, she posted an article about the Norwegian Curling Team– or at least their pants.  The photo that accompanied this article was certainly eye-catching: the team decked out in their national colors, sporting blinding suits that bring to mind a barber shop quartet with a visually-impaired clothing stylist.  This article got me thinking (always a dangerous thing to occur)…

On the surface, it’s a few words about the Olympics’ quiet little underdog competition (at least as far as the US audience is concerned) and some guys who wear crazy, groovy pants while they curl.  It’s a fun, quirky, entertaining story.  And certainly a PR push for the Norwegian curling team, and the sport in general, as the Olympics take front and center media placement for the next few weeks.  And it’s also a great sales booster, as demand for the pants by consumers is soaring.  I love it.  Perfect PR.

And then I thought more about how I’d never have found this article, nor enjoyed the mind-bending nature of these pants, if my friend hadn’t posted it.  Was reading this article life-changing?  Not really.  But in some small way, I have acquired a broader view of the world; learned something about the planet on which I live, and the humanity that occupies it.  Something I wouldn’t have learned otherwise, if Facebook hadn’t been there to provide a venue to share it.

So in a digital universe riddled with funny cat videos, (sometimes ridiculous) political commentary, food photos and other (seemingly) useless information, I ask you in my first blog post here, to consider how sharing these things connects you with others and even (just a litle bit) opens your eyes.  Or makes you want to shut them, in the case of the Norwegian curling team’s attire.